Thursday, December 13, 2012


Today is the last public tutorial from my favourite tutor, Mr.Gerard.
Seriously, he really made public law the interesting subject.
I was not suffered when doing the assignment.
Hope you will enjoy your totally new life there sir!
Keep in touch!

Heard my classmate said that she followed my blog,
quite surprise!
It is because I don't know there will be someone that look into my blog when I get into college.
I have a stable life,
no accident or no big surprise...
Sometimes really difficult to blog...
Anyway, I will still blog about my daily life.

Mock is coming soon!
Next week!
After that will be my holiday!
Can't wait for the christmas dinner with hubby and the celebration.
Honestly, I am quite underpressure.
But I think I will be okay and I will go through it.
My hubby always say that everything will be fine.

Recently not really talk too much to someone and even don't have lunch with her.
I have no reason but really have nothing to say sometimes.
Whatever I wanna say also thought pointless and I think we are fine with that also.
Just let it be,
it will get better I trust.

I should go,
goodnight everyone!

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