Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My birthday celebration

This year birthday celebration is much more complicated compare with previous year,
I was spending my birthday month in club previous year.
So nothing special to mention about.
this year I really had a great great celebration.
From my hubby, my family and also my friends.

Firstly, we start from the week before my birthday.
It is Saturday. (28/8/2012)
My dad just called me in the morning when I was having breakfast with my hubby's family,
"Tonight we will get you a birthday celebration, please do come home at dinner time."
"I won't trust you, don't bluff me! Hahahahahahaha!"
I thought I was smart at the moment because my dad used to set me up.
Then when I was shopping and watching movie in Pavillion in the afternoon,
my dad called me again.
"Please buy 2 cakes, it is for your birthday celebration"
Then only I realised that it was true!!!!!!!!!!!
For the sure,
since I couldn't call all my friends in such a emergency moment,
I called Von and she came with her boyfriend.
What a happy ending!

Next, is the week of my birthday!
My hubby told me that he would buy me a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE as my present.
I am touch because it is really out of my expectation because he planned to buy me a watch before.
I love you so much hubby!!!!!!!!
And I really love my new smart phone!

Thursday (2/8/2012)
My hubby came to my house and accompanied me to wait for 12am.
And this little cute guy set alarm and when its rang,
he said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me,
so he is the champion of this year,
After that,
One of my buddies, Lemon called me and thought he was the champion and still proud of it.
But since I am a honest girl,
I told him he was not,
he is only the second,
Next, the second runner-up~~~~~~~~
Is my primary schoolmate and also secondary schoolmate,
he is LEE DA CHUAN!!!!!!!!!
Really thanks to you guys for being the top 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday (3/8/2012)
I really didn't plan to wake up in the morning because my hubby was working midnight shift last night,
I am sure that he would wake up in the afternoon.
But the cake I bought and delivered from Johor reached my house in the morning,
so its woke me up!!!!!
It is the third cake of this year,
Here it is!!!!!

mango mille cr3pe!!!!! Honestly, when I opened it, the mango smell just came out like a bomb.

After I cut it!!!!!!

So as I known,
it is fucking yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My hubby came to pick me up and we went to Sushi Zanmai as our lunch.

And then we watched STEP UP REVOLUTION in Pavillion.
For our dinner,
we went to FULL HOUSE in Sunway Giza Mall.
My hubby bought me another ten flavour mille crepe in one as my fourth cake.
So, I got 4 cakes this year.

Saturday (4/8/2012)
I got my present today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And my hubby asked me must to protect it very very very carefully and love it.
I will hubby!
Don't worry about it!

Sunday (5/8/2012)
My sis  and my brothers got my a HELLO KITTY phone case and I got myself a screen protector when we went to night market!
It was nothing special but I am happy happy happy!!!!!!!!!
And I played badminton with my hubby's friend in the afternoon,
it is suffered.

Monday (6/8/2012)
Ding dong!
Jin Hui bought me a Chatime and a piece of cake from SECRET RECIPE!!!!
Really surprised me because I thought he must be busy for his school,
anyway Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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