Sunday, July 29, 2012


I think I have not mentioned that my new house has no wifi.
to complete my assignment,
I choose to stay in my boyfriend's house even he went to work.
It is quite boring,
but I have no idea what should I do.
Never mind,
he will be home soon.

I done my assignment but not my case study,
I'm lazy.
My birthday is coming,
so the birthday mood is on!
And I can't wait to celebrate with my bibi!
It is my first time to celebrate my birthday with him!
My parents got me a surprise party yesterday in my house,
I got some angpaos and I just kept it all.
I don't spend recently and don't ask me why.
I just have no spending feeling to shop or buy stuff.
Bibi will buy me some necessary stuff also,
so I don't spend.

I'm still in lazy mood,
used to late to my class.
But I tried to study and finish my assignment or the case study that tutor asked.
And it is helpful!
I think I am getting used with my law course now.

say happy birthday to me on next friday.
Birthday countdown: 6 days to go!

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