Sunday, April 8, 2012

8.4.2012-You are the best thing in my life

I really have many things to blog and share with you guys!
is about my hubby'r birthday celebration...
There are two celebration for him this year,
the first one was in his house,
his family celebrated with him...
My mom got him two Giordano tee,
my dad got him mille crepe,
and I got him a bag...
I planned to save the mille crepe but it was finished...
It was so tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second one was his suprise party,
planned by Kelvin, Tomato and me...
They are really kind since they helped me so much,
and I just help them for awhile...
So lovely!!!!!!!!!
There was many people,
and we got him what he wanted!
Diablo 3!!!!!!!!!!
I hope he won't ignore me because of it...
happy birthday hubby!

Combination photo for his Suprise Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The second thing is Von and Ting's belated birthday celebration!
We met in a place that fulled of memories,
UMA RANI!!!!!!!
And talked,
laughed like shit,
and then only we went to Pavillion for Baskin Robin's Ice-cream Fondue!
The YUmmy Ice-cream fondue


And then we went to shop for Von's formal clothes...
After that,
we seperated and went back home ourselves since Von and Ting need to dinner with their neighbours...
My hubby took me to Pizza Hut since I wished to,
Thank you hubby!
Love you so much!

The night reached,
we went to Over Time in Jalan Ipoh...
Drank, Played, Violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best friends forever!


All of us!

Ah! My handsome hubby!

It was really such a fucking good night!
I really love you guys!


The third thing to share is my hubby and I have been together for 3months!
Really thanks to him always accompany me play and get crazy even he is exhausted...
He is taking good care of me,
so I really glad to meet him...
Don't worry about me,
I swear I can take good care of myself when I start my school...
And I will get home on time,
I'm a good wifey!
Really happy to hug you everyday,
and kiss you everyday!

I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!


The last thing is about my school!
I start my school tomorrow,
and my hubby still worry about my school stuff!
I'm his baby!

it will be a new environment,
I should learn to change my bad temper if I wanna enjoy my college life!

hubby don't need to worry about me...
I will take good care of myself!!!!!!!!!!


That's all I wanna share with you guys,

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CaT3rPillAr said...

happy life huh B-)
enjoy Aunty XD