Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm enjoying my term break now!
As you see,
I'm fucking relax since I have many assignment and works to do...
Let me show you my homework list:
1. Public Law assignment
2. Criminal Law assignment
3. Contract Law assignment
4. Contract Law case study
And I have also one to-do:
1. Pass the UOL application form
and the deadline is 15th every month!
I went out,
but it was having trafiic jam so I U-TURN!!!!!!!
I will do it tomorrow before go to get the DIABLO 3 with my hubby...
For the sure I'm not the one who is playing,
is my hubby!
I'm just accompany him...
(How pity I am)

Oh ya!
Lemon is going to Kampar to study this Saturday!
Bye bye!
I'm so happy when I heard this news,
because I don't need to see you in my lovely KL area anymore!!!!!!!
Please don't miss Von and I after you move,
because we won't!!!!!!!
You can choose to hug our photos and sleep in the night but don't call us,
because we won't answer!!!!!!!

gonna have outings on wednesday with Lemon and Von...
NO worries!!!!!!
I should move on to my studies...
Happy holidays!!!!!!!!

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