Monday, May 7, 2012


I absent to my class AGAIN!!!!!!
Don't scold me or judge me like I'm a lazy shit,
I woke up at half past eight,
and my classes started at ten o'clock.
It was a rainy day,
and from Rawang to KL was having a PERFECT traffic jam...
That's why I just stayed inside my house and faced my notes...
Why it always happen?
I'm a good girl,
I woke up every morning,
why couldn't you just stop the rain and let me go to school?

I really wished to go to Inti Nilai to study now,
but I...
I don't know what the reason that stop me,
There are many reasons I think...
I just keep consider about this over and over again...
This fucking annoying idea keep appears in my mind everytime I couldn't get to my school...
Oh My god!!!!!!!
Please save me from this stupid situation!!!!

I have done my complaint...
I should work hard on my notes,
bubye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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