Sunday, June 24, 2012


     Should I blog it in CHINESE or ENGLISH? Oh god! Please save me and stop me from thinking such this daft and annoying question! I only blogged few posts in this month since I had assessment test and I needed to settle all my PTPTN LOAN stuff, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON's application. Honestly, I failed most of my assessment. (Actually there were only 4 subjects) I was graduated from CHONG HWA INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL, every teacher gave me the formula, format, and even structure to score. Now, there is no more F.F.S. There is only my own thinking way and HOW I explain and profess myself on papers. For the sure, BAD ENGLISH is one of the reason I failed. Please do not tell me how can I work out, I'm working it out! (I am not angry) Okay, forget about my studies. I am fine with that.

     I am sure that you guys are wondering- What the fuck is BoMoh doing? Why blogged in paragraph? Fine, it is because I have many things to share and I do not want it to be long and long and long. So, please read it patiently.

     I have been with my boyfriend or... Can I just call him bibi? I have been with bibi for 5 months and more. He is GOOD, no doubt. Sometimes, we quarrel; sometimes, we laugh like crazy. I know he will be the one, therefore I share everything of my life with him, I wish to meet him everyday and get hugs and kisses from him. I know there are big differences between him and I, but I swear I will do my best to work it out. Thanks to him for always tolerate with me when I get angry with no reason like a kid, thanks to him for always comforts me when I get upset with no reason like a insane one. Sometimes you are bored since I always bully you, but I am sure that you know I love you with all my heart. ALL MY HEART. Hope to see you in my future life, bibi. I love you and please do remain to love me. :)

     Lemon was in KL yesterday, I went out with him and my bibi. We had a movie and CHATIME, and one that we are addicted- SUSHI ZANMAI. He told me that he is suffered in Kampar since there is no place for entertainment. And there is only 2 KL CITIZENS in his class. I know his feelings. Honestly, I am bored since he went to Kampar to study Business Admin. I do not shop and hang out with my college's friends often, I think you guys know the reason why I am acting like this- FEELING UNSAFE. I like to have the same foodm same beverages often, in other words, I do not like new stuff or something new that I need to get used with. This is my 'pattern'.
I know I am getting fat but I am still the pretty one! PLEASE!
Bye bye, Lemon. Please do call me when you are in KL.
I am always free. :) Friendship FOREVER

     I do miss you, my sibling. (This paragraph is especially for someone, if you do not understand, just SKIP it) I do not know what's wrong with us, maybe you are in LOVE? I agreed and I do happy for your relationship. If this is the only reason you do not call Lemon and I for outings, just keep concern about me with those RUBBISH SMS, FACEBOOK'S LIKE, I don't need it seriously. Please do not blame it since I professed it straightforward. Arhhh~ I don't know what can I blog anymore for this para. My boyfriend always says- EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. If this is the end of it, I am fine with that. I do not mean to disturb your time with your boyfriend also. We are growing up, everything is change. Anyway, take care. Define me as a passer in your life, atlease I did that. :)

     It is a boring SUNDAY! I have studied in front of TV for few hours, I will continue afterwards. I am wondering whether my HANDSOME bibi will meet me tonight, since he said I always broke my words and asked him to accompany me! (crying face) You know what? I will not text you or call you to ask you accompany me tonight! (Oh yes!) Even I really do need you. (LOL) I will be tough! XD Saw my winning emotion and pose?

     I should stop here, thanks for your reading. And do not me shy to comment (but NO lame things)

From a girl who always disturbs and makes everyone vomit out their BLOOD,

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