Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today took Lemon to Uma Rani for brunch,
but accidently miss the exit so I just went through Chong Hwa High School.
What a lucky day!
I saw my viva that now is drive by my bro on the road,
I horned it but it didn't gives a fuck,
after that I realised that the driver in the car wasn't my bro!!!!!
And the main point is my bro wasn't inside the car...
For the sure his friends been warned and my bro will get scold when he get back...
My family already lack of car,
that' why I borrowed my hubby's car.
If you really so that kind and rich,
you could buy yourself a car and whoever you wanna lend it to I don't give a fuck.
Now Viva is under my name,
it is mine and please don't lend it to others that don't have car.
And to others,
if you really need to use a car,
please ask your parents to get you one.
Don't use others' car like it is yours and don't ask my mom to pay for the petrol.

I should move on to complete my dad's account,
have a good day!
And I hate October!

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