Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
For sure,
I spent it with my family and mostly my man...
It is boring,
but I just love to stick around with my man...
Got angpao from few people,
and really thanks to him for giving me such a BIG angpao...

Von went back to Pulau Pinang,
it means I'm gonna spend my time alone or with my man...
I will miss you!
And fuck you!
My tears came out because of you when I was thinking about your leaving...
Please don't be late for your intern anymore,
you're really wasting your company's sources~
I'm waiting for you to come back and I swear we will celebrate your birthday!

Had dinner with my man's friends,
quite fine...
Felt no pressure...
And I got my planner!
Thanks to my man since he is the one who bought to me...

Happy Chinese New Year,
and seriously...
I love you guys!

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