Thursday, March 1, 2012


I don't want to talk to you or smile to you,
because you're the shit of my life and I'm the one who decided to flush you away...
I don't even and ever think that I was the one who made the cut between us...
Von, Lemon and many of them stay with me for a long time,
sometimes we argued,
sometimes we yelled at each other,
but they are still with me...
If I was the problem,
then why they are still with me?

For the sure and my conclusion,
you are the shit and I have nothing to owe you guys...
I used to talk about you with my mom,
I know it is because I still care about you guys...
But I showed it in a red way and I'm happy to do this...

Don't worry about me,
it is just a short-term blue mood and I'm totally fine!


My darling went to One Utama to get Baskin Robin for me last night,
the main point is there was no discount!
Discount is only for 31st ot every month...
Not the last day of every month!
I know he loves me so he didn't kill me...
And that's why I love him soooooooooo much!

Don't worry darling,
Baskin Robin of this month count on me!

happy holidays!
(I think I'm the only one in holiday... SOB)

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