Sunday, July 15, 2012


     Tomorrow I'm moving to my new home! So excited and for the sure, I will not attend my class and get some rest since I worked very hard these days. I am blogging in my bibi's house and he went to Cyber Cafe to play online games. Okay, I know online games is important than me. I swear I will not let him step into my new room!!!!!!!!!!! He is naughty, however he has been worked and tidy up my new house for whole day. Therefore, he is still a good hubby. And thanks to Wanfen Cheah also, even she did nothing and she was playing her SAMSUNG TAB. Very fun and happy huh?

     My mock exam was end, quite good. I know I did not try my best and I was very relax at that period. So, do not worry about my result. I know my standard. *thumbs up* I am not the best but I will not be the worst.

     Gonna share bedroom with my hubby's sis! I am sorry to disturb her, but I really have no place to sleep tonight. *pity face* I cannot sleep in my new home because tomorrow is only the formal day we move in, as a traditional chinese, I cannot.

     I should rest, goodnight world.

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