Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just finished my criminal law assignment,
since I was absent last week,
there are 3 assignment that I need to pass up this week and next week.
The main point is I have the lesser time to complete it,
public law assignment as example:
For the sure,
it will be a long long long and super long assignment because tutor always request us to write more things and try to research more updates.
I am fine with that,
since I was the one who chosen this fucking difficult course: Law course.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) I need to pass up my assignment and luckily it was only a short one so I completed within 30 minutes.
But tomorrow will be a busy day because public law assignment due date is on Thursday.

I am in my hubby's house,
he is playing a online game: RO
I tried to understand it but it is too complicated.
Not my favourite type~
I was sick yesterday,
thanks to my hubby because he was hugging me and comforting me all the night.
I am super healthy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moon cake festival is coming,
hubby promised me that he will buy me a nice lantern and some candles!
Cannot wait!

Lemon is coming back this week,
and we are having outing on this Sunday.
SING K SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I hope that Von can off that day since she is in her internship.

I saw a frog in my bedroom today,
it is orange coloured.
But honestly,
I feel disgusting when I see birds and frogs.
So I just forced it to jump out from my bedroom through the window,
where you come from, where you go to!
Don't disturb my life please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should take a rest,
goodnight everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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