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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Woke up and rush rush rush...
It is because I was late for my class,
I did prepare myself on time and went out on time...
but there was a huge traffic jam and my vehicle did not even move forward,
so I just drove back to my home and facing my laptop...
My public assignment is going to be done!!!!!
Oh yeah!!
So I can pass up on next monday!!!!

Thanks to my hubby because he was still listening and talking to me even he was tired.
Still in good situation,
our relationship are totally perfect!
I think communication between couple is fucking important...
No one should suffers all the sorrow and unhappiness...
It need to be solve and then only you guys can walk forward with no complaint and regret...
don't think that your matter are too complicated and you will bother him.
This is my hubby used to tell me.
I know I am naughty,
thank you for always being my side.

Today is thursday!!!!!
So I can rest for 3 days!!!!!
Happy happy happy!

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