Monday, September 24, 2012


I quarelled with my hubby and feels like wanna punch him.
the situation really need someone to tolerate first only the other will.
the talk after the arguement really help to improve the understandings between each other.

Don't ever and ever think that you wanna leave each other after a fight,
you might be in red and think that he might not your destiny.
But please cool down and think again,
Who are you if you are not beside the right one?
What you gonna do when you miss the old one after you guys broke up?
Where can you go when your tears come out?
Why you just ignored all the stuff that he made for you just because of a small fight?
When you gonna stop hurting each other?

We become closer and closer after everytime we quarelled,
I love him and he said he does.
Hey, hubby.


Spent my 5 hours on the chair but I still haven't finish my public assignment,
this is the new one.
Due date is tomorrow.
Luckily I finished all the assignment on due date,
or not I will commit suicide for ignoring all the due date.
Now I have only one assignment that need to pass up tomorrow and I have done it half.
No problems!
I sure that I can pass up tomorrow but please don't traffic jam anymore!
I absent today again because of the stupid traffic jam!
I did wake up 2 hours earlier than the class started but I still failed to reach.
I will wake up 3 hours earlier than the class start tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Planned to have outings with Von and Lemon this weekend,
but Von planned to Penang.
Not my fault,
I have really no time already because the tutor are giving more and more assignment and the due dates are shorter and shorter.
I know is your one week break,
but I really can't follow.
BYE BYE!!!!!!

I should have my dinner right now,
and then I need to work on my assignment AGAIN.

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