Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10/11-12/11/12-Malacca trip with hubby and buddies

Ding dong! It is a week of holiday and I went to Malacca with my hubby and buddies! But since Wanfen is living in Klang and we were fucking sure that she wouldn't wake up in early time, she slept in my house before a day to Malacca. And we went to De Pastry in Menjalara to have our dinner since I needed to pick my hubby also.

The pasta I ordered, Aglio Olio Pasta.
It is nice since it is really heavy and very spicy.
Totally malaysian's flavour.

So in the early morning before we started our journey, Lemon called me and told me that Von's car's glass had  been broke down and all their clothes that packed up for Malacca GONE! Ofcourse, the most valuable, DSLR CAMERA. Facts: They went to breakfast in Jalan Ipoh, Mai Man Dimsum. After they finished and walked to the car, only realised. I really admire the thief's skill since Von and Lemon never realised and heard any sound from their car. GOOD JOB AND FUCK YOU!

Forget about the incident, I picked Von and others and started our journey. As usual, we keep laughing like there is no tomorrow and most of them fall as slept after few minutes. I know they are good! XD The journey was a long one since there was a serious traffic jam but we still arrived. We checked in, and then walked to have CHICKEN RICE BALLS!

Wanfen and I before the food was served.

Von and her lovely LITTLE MAX.
Heard from Von, Max's clothes were all gone since he packed all the clothes that in his hostel to Malacca.

Hubby and I.
Thanks hubby for driving and I know it was exhausted.

Since Lemon has no girlfriend (FOREVER ALONE), Max and hubby took a picture with him,

Our food! My favourite, pork and sure the chicken.

 After eating chicken rice balls, we went back to hostel and rest. I booked SAYANG-SAYANG YOUTH HOSTEL since it is cheap and last time I stayed in SAYANG-SAYANG MOTEL and it was good experienced. Unfortunately, the girls that staying the room next to me is fucking crazy and they keep making noise unreasonably and I suspected them did vomit in the shared bathroom. It was disgusting! :X Not just that, the shower room was full of shit water. OMG! The best part is luckily my hubby told me about the situation before I went to bathroom so I had no need to EXPLORE it. Actually the management stuff are all friendly, but I think the environment need to be improve.

Okay, at night we decided to enjoy food along the night market.

Hubby and I, I know I am more fat compares to my previous body shape.
God save me from eating!

Aha! Being naughty when taking photo with hubby.

Wanfen and I have a same taste! 
We did buy a same shirt from Giordano and we only realised the day before the trip.

I was suffered! Hubby was so happy!

Hello guys! Say cheese!

We were also having our dessert in a big big restaurant in the head of jonker street.
Hubby was eating cendol and I bet he likes the package!

Okay! You know we love to drink so we went to GEOGRAPHER BISTRO & PUB to get some drinks! The environment was nice, and it was the best cafe awarded in 2006/2007. Since we looked into its menu and the food on it look very very nice, we decided to have it next day. We played when we drank, poker cards, building blocks, ermm... Just getting crazy!

Hubby and I and I don't know why he is covering my mouth.

Hubby, muackz!

Thank you hubby! <3

Lalalalalala! CHEERS! 

Okay, we did eat again in night market after we drank and we went back to hostel. Aww~ It was really a good night to started my deepavali holidays!

Next morning, we woke up late than the time I expected. Targeted to eat NYONYA LAKSA in JONKER 88 FOOD COURT since hubby's brother very very recommended me the laksa. He said: This is the best laksa I ever eat! Wanfen and I were the earliest to reach there and Wanfen went to shopping and dumped me to queue alone since there was many people! :(

Hubby in CHOK face.

After laksa, we just started our car to get to NADEJE. NOTE: IT IS NOW OPENING IN MAHKOTA PARADE, NOT DATARAN PAHLAWAN MALL.  We lost our way and we queued for a long time to take away the cakes and we had it in KFC that nearby the cafe. FORGIVE US! :D


Hubby bought me a hippo that carrying chocolates when we shopped in Pahlawan Mall.
I really love it, thanks hubby!

And the second night was nothing special except we had waited for 1.5 hours for satay celup but I really happy to spend my time with you guys! 

Hohoho! The third day, after checked out, we have our breakfast in GEOGRAPHER CAFE!

Hope that we can still travel around together next time! I love you guys! Even you guys always bully and hit me! :D

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