Sunday, November 18, 2012


It is Sunday and my holidays is going to end. I will start my class tomorrow, aww... This holiday has nothing special except my malacca trip. I spent it with my assignment and my hubby. For the sure, I did nothing much on my studies my finished my assignment before the class start! I am more hardworking compares with last few months. Don't worry, I will speed up and speed up. :)

I got my law text books and I used it for my assignment. Since the text books cost me 4000++ ringit, I wrapped all of it and wrote my name on it. I don't even did this when I was in my high school, I wasted my days and played everyday. So in other words, I am growing up and becoming more mature. Oh yeah!

It has been raining for few days, really have no mood to go out even I like rainy day. The weather is becomes weird and hope you guys do drink more water to prevent sickness. My mock is coming on next month, I really have no feel about this since I always get those sucks result. Save me!

Recently, I figured out something. I think I know why I hate her. But honestly, we don't even spend time with each other so much so I am fine with it. I won't argue with you, and I will just stay still in this situation like I never hate you. :) Don't be silly, you life won't greater than mine. And I have no interests to listen to your life story, so please don't show off. I am bored with it.

I should go back home, hubby's house only left his maid. :) And thanks to hubby for always spending his time with me, I love you. :D

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