Monday, November 26, 2012

26.11.2012-Fuck these days

I don't what the hell that is happening to me,
I forgot my books in college and luckily I found it;
I forgot my bf's watch and luckily my friend was keeping it;
I forgot my nike bottle and luckily my friends had keep it for me.
These incidents happened in these few days and I am tired of it!
It looks like I have many things to complete but I forgot what were that.
Not just that,
I was using bio-essence toner and moisturiser.
I finished it this morning and tried to buy it nearby my bf's house,
and it didn't have.
Therefore I went to Kepong Jusco to check it out,
and I bought other brand that is more expensive-Nano White.
I got sick yesterday and spent the pocket money that hubby gave me.
Can you just leave me alone and give me back my normal life?
I don't like to spend money since I worked.
I am unhappy because I spend a lot in these days.
And some of that is just accidentally happened and it were not in my plan.

Just finished my public assignment,
will be working on my anniversary book since it is coming very fucking the hell SOON.
Mock exam is coming,
for the sure I am under pressure.
But everything will be fine,
hubby will comforts and supports me always he said.
I love my hubby so much!

Done my complaint,
and I am fine!
Oh yeah!
Fuck the MONDAY!

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