Thursday, February 2, 2012


It is raining,
and it just came suddenly...
I liked it,
but not recently...
Raining makes me in blue,
and I shouldn't be in this mood now...
I'm having a good boyfriend,
I'm having some good friends,
I'm having a fucking perfect family,

Daddy asked me to work,
but I can't find myself a work if I work there...
So I decided to stay in my house,
spending my day like a DEAD FISH if no one ask me for outings...
It is booring,
but actually it is quite enjoying...
For the sure,
being lazy is always better than working...
The main point is I'm a lazy one,

Went to night market with boyfriend yesterday...
Planned to Cannaught with Hui ting,
called her also...
But my mom and my boyfriend said NO since I drank A LITTLE BIT!
How come?
Luckily I'm not a violent one,
or not I swear I would kill my boyfriend...
(Hmm... But he is soooo cute... XD)

when you wanna go out?
Friday or Saturday?
You haven't give me the time!
You just give me your SUSHI ZANMAI plan!
Make it faster!
I need to inform Hui Ting!

And Von called me yesterday!
What a stupid?
Keep her broadband open so now she can't get online~
Are you sure you're my friend?
I'm so SMART!
You're not coming back until MARCH right?
You wanna go ZOO anot?
It is always a good place!
Wait you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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