Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hot coupon from PIZZA HUT (MALAYSIA)

As you see,
you will only pay RM40 and you will get 3 regular VIVA pizza and 6 soup-of-the-day!
It is very valuable!
So, don't miss it!
It is tomorrow!
Date: 8.2.2012
Time: 11am-11pm
Ps: You can only order this with delivery or take-away!

Download the coupon here: http://bit.ly/wJoS6L
and print it out!
Show it to cashier or the delivery man!

I'm going to have this with my brothers and sister tomorrow!
I don't have pizza for a long time!
My mom always say that pizza make me fat~
Sad case huh?

enjoy it! :D

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Hui Ting said...

Where's mine?