Thursday, February 9, 2012


Dang Dang Dang!
Today is 9th of February!
That's means I have been with my darling for a month!
Actually is 30++ days...
Some of you asked that what's special about him?
Why I chosen him?

Hmm... Let see...
1. We don't even scold each other, what we do are being quiet when we argued.
2. He never ask me to be fast since he knows I will mess up all my stuff if he ask to.
3. We always discuss our problems and he listen to my BLUE questions and RED complains.
4. He doesn't club.
5. I know everything about him, what's he doing, who's his friends.

I'm feeling safe when I'm with him,
so sure I will work hard on it...

Okay, stop the part of my LOVE career~


MAYBE I'm not going to Nilai to study anymore,
who knows?
I'm still thinking about this...
You know,
I took a long time to make this decision...
And then suddenly I can change it...
My mom asked me to study in Taylor's University if I want...
And then I compare both of it...

Benefits of Taylor's University
1. I don't need to live in hostel since I can drive. I <3 my HOME!
2. I can meet my darling anytime I want.
3. I can spend my weekends in KL since I always like to shop.

Benefits of INTI International University, Nilai
1. I don't need to wake up in such an early time since I live in the hostel.
2. I don't need to drive and just walk to my classroom everyday.
3. I can be 100 percent concentrate since there are nothing to shop and play.

So now you know how difficult it is huh?
Help me!
And I will hug you as tight as I can!

That's all I wanna share with you all...
Enjoy your life my DEAR!


meishyan said...

if you decide to come taylor's inform me arh! :DD

BoMoh@aMin said...

andrew also asked me to inform him a~~~~~~~~~

Hui Ting said...

Go taylor plz==
No nid go Nilai so far==''